Environmental Policy

Environment Policy


Isuzu Australia Ltd (IAL) believes it has a social and corporate responsibility to protect the environment. We commit to adopt sustainable practices throughout our operations to make Australia a cleaner, safer and healthier place for future generations.

We will achieve this by introducing a continuous improvement process to assess and implement environmental initiatives, measure and review our progress in line with our objectives. Key initiatives include recycling, reducing, re-using, and a concerted effort to eliminate any unsustainable tasks.

We will involve and educate our staff, dealer network and suppliers in sustainable practices, and wherever possible encourage our customers to adopt similar strategies.

As a global leader in diesel engine development and production, Isuzu plays an important role in introducing new technologies and standards that seek to minimize environmental impact, while still meeting the high performance benchmarks expected of Isuzu engines.

This means that the new range of Isuzu intercooled-turbo diesel engines are the cleanest Isuzu Diesel Engines to be made available in Australia almost entirely eliminating smoke, soot and harmful invisible unburned hydrocarbons normally emitted from a truck's exhaust.

Isuzu Clean Air Solutions (I-CAS) technology was applied to the new engines to meet these high environmental standards; I-CAS incorporates three key technologies to improve emissions and increase efficiency.

These include 'in-cylinder' combustion optimisation technology, the very latest in exhaust after-treatment processes and the most advanced in-house developments in electronic control technology. In addition we have recently released 4 new CNG models which emit zero PM!

As Australian truck market sales leader, Isuzu is not only committed to being the market leader, but exceeding its owners' expectations in every possible way, and this includes providing truck buyers and the wider community with the cleanest truck range possible. After all would you expect anything less from Australia's favourite truck? 


In 2009 IAL formalized its commitment to the environment, by implementing a Carbon Reduction Strategy; a Carbon Reduction Workgroup was formed to review all facets of IAL's Operations in Australia with the objective being to minimise IAL's carbon foot print.

IAL is a VECCI member and participant in the VECCI Carbon Reduction Program 'Grow me the money'. 

IAL's head office, completed the GMTM Sustainability Program in 2010. 


Isuzu Australian operations are continuing to reduce its annual energy consumption and aims to be carbon neutral in the future.

We have been assisting our Dealer Network with a sustainability program across the 60 locations nationwide. IAL has also reviewed our suppliers and their sustainability efforts and will continue to assist our customers to understand and make informed choices regarding transport solutions that minimise the effect on the environment.

Our parent company, Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan), is extremely passionate about the environment and one of its major corporate objectives is to minimize its environmental impact globally through its products and operations; Furthermore, Isuzu Motors Ltd has adopted an ISO 14001 environmental management system in order to reduce their environmental impact. For further information about our green credentials refer to: http://www.isuzu.co.jp/world/csr/report/index.html