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Roadside Assist

Isuzu Assist is a 24-hour roadside assistance programme, providing Isuzu trucks customers with additional peace of mind at no extra cost. It is the most comprehensive standard roadside assistance programme available to Australian truck buyers and applies to all N, F, FX, FY and Giga Series trucks for three years from the time of purchase.

Isuzu Assist is not a typical let's-take-the-easy-way-out 'bolt-on' roadside assistance service. It is in fact a genuine Isuzu operation that's designed for the trucks in our range; from our 2 tonne payload models to our 68 tonne GCM prime-movers. When you make the call, only authorised Isuzu truck specialists will be sent to assist.

Isuzu trucks are renowned for their reliability. But there are many reasons for roadside assistance, apart from mechanical breakdown. If you ever run out of fuel, lose your keys, get a flat tyre (or battery), or face other problems that come with spending time on the road, contact Isuzu Assist on 1800 947 898.

 Download the Isuzu Roadside Assist Brochure