Isuzu Historical Spec Sheets

Historical Spec Sheets

Isuzu trucks have been distributed in Australia for almost 40 years, and to assist owners of older Isuzu Trucks who may be seeking information on these models, Isuzu Australia Limited ABN 97 006 962 572 ("IAL") have prepared a Historical Archive of Specification sheets for Isuzu Trucks Sold in Australia dating back to 1973.

This archive is by no means "all encompassing" and specifications were correct at the time they were published. Many trucks are modified post-production to meet special applications, and specifications such as wheelbases and axle ratios may no longer be the same as when the truck was originally manufactured.


To access this collection of Historical Isuzu Truck specification sheets, select the estimated year of manufacture from the drop down menu below, accept the IAL Disclaimer*, and download the specification sheet from the Archive menu corresponding with the year chosen.

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