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Merry Truckmas from Isuzu.
Pick up any 2019 plated takeaway truck before December 31 and pocket $1,500*.
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The N Series. It’s a sipper, not a slurper.
Isuzu's most fuel efficient light truck ever
The F Series. The Tailored Truck
Build a truck that suits your business down to the ground.
FX Series
The FX Series, of 10 models, covers 4x2s, 6x2. 6x4s and a prime mover (which is very popular as a car transporter).
FY Series
The FY Series, features a second steer axle and comes in 8x4 and 10x4 configurations.
Giga Series
The Giga series, offers you 12 different variants. Including Short, Medium and Long models, right up to our EXY Gigamax flagship.